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Das Basismodell ist der heimliche Star

September 23, 2022 –
An iFixit repair technician took on the inner workings of Apple’s new generation of smartphones and stumbled upon an innovation that Apple didn’t mention a word about.

The really big innovations and features of the new generation of iPhones are reserved for the Pro models. But under the metal, it’s not the Pro models that shine, but the base model. Smartphone repair company iFixit has taken apart the iPhone 14 family and found that the base model has been completely redesigned internally. The purpose of this: better maintainability and therefore increased stability.

This is surprising, since Apple did not mention it in any way, and a complete reworking of the internal workings is very difficult, especially since the iPhone 14 looks very similar to the iPhone 13 to the point of confusion. Thus, the iPhone 14 is the first iPhone since the iPhone 4S (2011) that can be opened from the back of the device. But the twist is that it can still be opened from the front.

This mechanism greatly simplifies handling in the event of any repair and ultimately means that the iPhone 14 is more likely to be repaired than replaced. Any repair is also cheaper due to less effort. Therefore, repair gurus recommend the basic model to consumers who value sustainability. The Pro models are still based on the old iPhone 13 architecture and cannot be opened from both sides. Why this is so remains an Apple secret. (adc)

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