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HCD-Trainer Christian Wohlwend redet nach drei Penalty-Pleiten in Serie

After three penalties in a row

HCD is now doing the trick of the Moscow goalkeeper?

In three games, the Davos failed the penalty shootout three times. For HCD coach Christian Wohlwend, it’s “a matter of skill and brains”.


New Swede Leon Bristedt is the only player from Davos to score a penalty so far – two out of three attempts.

He has never experienced such a start to the season, says HCD coach Christian Wohlwend. In Geneva, his team equalized the gap by two goals, and then lost in a penalty shootout. In the match against Lausanne, the Grubuns lost the lead twice and again gave way in the penalty shootout. At Ambri, HCD bounced back from behind again, but later failed in a shootout.

15 penalties, nine different shooters – and only new Swede Leon Bristedt (27) scored two of his attempts. Before the shootouts, Coach Wohlwend asks proven shooters if they’re ready. And it also happens that someone answers no. But basically it’s the same candidates who fit into these 1:1 player versus goalkeeper duels and have their own tricks up their sleeves. “More than one trick is desirable. There were only two players who basically had success with just one: JJ Ashlimann and Aaron Palushay,” Wohlwend says.

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