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Steam Has New Sales & Popularity Charts, And They’re Great

People love buying games and playing games on Steam, but anyone interested in digging around the site (like us, that’s our job) wants to know two things: which games sell the most copies and which games have been played the most .

Valve’s new “Steam Charts” page brings it all together in one place and makes the whole process so much more enjoyable while you’re at it. The company said in a statement:

Today we’re launching Steam Charts, a new section of Steam dedicated to showcasing the most played and best-selling games on Steam. Including numbers in real time.

The Steam Charts page replaces Steam Stats as a one-stop overview of what’s popular on Steam, whether it’s real-time, weekly, or even monthly. Steam Charts is also putting together more detailed numbers to give a better idea of ​​what games players are enjoying.

It’s basically one page containing all the popularity data you want to know (besides the actual number of units sold, which lol looks like Valve is ever going to release this), with a page starting with how many people are in currently online.

It then shows the five best-selling games and the five most played games, with the ability to quickly expand those charts to display the top 100 games in both fields. Plus, there are weekly top sellers, top new releases, and quick links to other useful Steam-related data pages like Valve’s hardware survey results – always interesting for their breakdown by GPU market, if nothing else – and download stats.

Image: ValveImage: Valve

To be clear, there is very little newalthough I think there are some nice additions to the “live” sales charts, like how many weeks the game has been on the charts and how many places it has moved up or down in the last week. All in all, this is just a welcome update to the way data is presented.

Data lovers can check it out here.

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