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Unprecedented Firmware Update Already Released

Just hours before the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro go on sale, Apple has already rolled out a software update for them. The new AirPods Pro are amazing – you can read their detailed review here on Forbes – but Apple has just released a software update that you should install ASAP. For the first time, such an update happened so early, literally a few hours before the headphones went on sale.

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The problem is that it’s not as easy as updating the iPhone software. For the magic to happen with AirPods, all you have to do is leave the headphones connected to your iPhone or iPad. AirPods will be in a case and connected to a power source. If they are connected to an iPad or iPhone, they should update.

But this is a bit of a mystical process, so it’s not clear if it will take hours or days. At startup, the firmware version is 5A374, which can be found by going to Settings and selecting the AirPods item you find there.

With the second generation AirPods Pro, there’s no need to go to Settings, then Bluetooth, and then find the AirPods you have questions about. New headphones and the latest software provide direct access to the headphones in a separate entry in Settings, provided AirPods Pro are connected.

Leave them around and after a while they should update to the correct version 5A377. I know how long the piece of rope is, right?

Apple isn’t saying what the update will bring, but bug fixes are most likely. The timing is unusual to say the least, and I’d like to point out that the sample review I tested for Forbes had no obvious issues, so it’s possible it’s dealing with a rare issue.

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