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Após descobrir tumor cerebral, vendedora de Apucarana cria ‘vaquinha’

After battling cancer for 21 years, Clodenis Adriana Pereira, 46, a saleswoman from Apucar, recently created an online “crowd” to pay for the tools and supplies to be used during her brain tumor surgery. The amount she needs is 15,000 reais for the procedure, which will be carried out in a hospital in Curitiba.

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“This is the fourth brain tumor that I am facing. Two of them have already been removed surgically, and another was cured with chemotherapy sessions, since it could not be operated on. Now I need to go through this procedure to remove another one. “My health plan did not allocate 15,000 reais worth of surgical instruments and supplies. I count on everyone’s help at this delicate moment,” he explains.

For those who want to collaborate with Apucaranense, just click on the cat link on the web or send a PIX to 43999838175. “God bless I can. a lot of headaches. In fact, I found out that the treatment was not needed, but still the doctor asked me to do it,” he says.

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