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Lou acorda da cirurgia e expulsa Rico de sua vida, em Cara e Coragem | vem por aí

Lou chose to believe Olivia’s (Paula Brown) speculation over her boyfriend, who denied the whole story.

Feeling guilty for the accident with his beloved, Rico does not leave the hospital, and when the ballerina wakes up after the operation, he sees her one of the first. But the reception is not the best…

“Go away, Rico,” she says, not even wanting to look at the athlete.

In Cara e Coragem, Rico doesn’t like Lou’s attitude (Victoria Bon) — Photo: TV Globo

Olivia promises to intercede

In “Cara e Coragem”, Olivia (Paula Brown) tells Rico (André Luis Frambach) that she will clear up the misunderstanding – Photo: TV Globo

Rico begs to stay, but Lou refuses and Olivia intercedes, saying she’s going to clear up the misunderstanding.

“She still hasn’t woken up from the anesthesia. I made this mess, let me fix it when she can figure it out,” Olivia says, trying to calm Rico down.

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Summary of

Summary of “Cara e Courage”: chapters from September 26 to October 1

Renan (Bruno Fagundes) meets Rico (André Luis Frambach) at Cara e Coragem — Photo: TV Globo

Annoyed, he leaves the room and comes face to face with Renan (Bruno Fagundes), who blames him for what happened to Lou and confronts him:

“I heard talk there that Lou broke up with you before the accident. And that might even be the reason for what happened. She knows that I’m the only guy who has always cared for her, always cared for her. after meeting Lu.

The scenes will be broadcast this Friday, September 23rd at Cara e Coragem.

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Rico confirms to Pat that she and Lou are sisters. Moa, Alfredo and Armandinho are also shocked by this discovery. Anita discovers that Leonardo was staying under an assumed name in a cheap hotel the day his sister died. Clyde discovers that Renan is the father of the child Isis is expecting. Renan forces Lucas to take him to the hospital where Lou is. Dagmar is in despair when she is called to the police station. Pat confronts Jocka and demands an explanation from his father. The doctor announces that Lou’s operation was successful, but her condition is still serious. Danilo informs Rebeka that the detective has news about the investigation. Lou wakes up after the operation and kicks Rico out of his room. Under pressure from Pat, Jock tells Nadir that he is Lou’s father. Nadir is furious at Jocky’s betrayal and kicks him out of the house. Anita tells Dona Leah that the police might think she killed Clarissa unless Dagmar confirms Regina and Leonardo’s alibis. Marcela and Paulo interrogate Dagmar.

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