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Mastodon mit neuer Startseite

Until September 22, 2022 by Ralph Hersel

The free microblogging network Mastodon has updated its homepage. Why is it relevant? Because many users outside of our GNU/Linux bubble have never heard of this service and continue to linger on Twitter. Because first impressions and basic information are important to attract new members.

The site aims to explain what Mastodon is, why it’s better than other social media platforms, what makes it unique, and how to get started. Project founder Evgeny Rochko says:

In writing the text, I focused on the aspects that resonate most with people on our social media and tried to avoid common misconceptions about how Mastodon basically works.

A glance at the new page reveals the main elements:

About button Get the app takes you to twenty Mastodon clients that can be filtered by the operating system. This choice will certainly surprise beginners, as they often only know one client of their own social network.

Another button leads to the selection of one Servers. Even more important than customer diversity is understanding that Mastodon is decentralized. Most people don’t know this either because they are used to the central servers of Facebook or Twitter. All the more important that the Mastodon team is not an instance emphasizes, but offers a large number of servers and puts the choice of topics in the forefront. Here everyone will find an interesting topic and a suitable Mastodon server accordingly.

But now back to the homepage, where Mastodon’s reasons are explained:

  • Everything under control: no ads, no algorithms
  • A federated structure allows you to build your readership with confidence.
  • Each server has its own rules and moderates content, not a megacorporation
  • Audio, video and images, descriptions, polls, animated avatars allow you to create

Each of these points is explained in more detail on the subpages.

Mastodon is open source, decentralized, pooled and not for sale.


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