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Das forderte Messi für eine Vertragsverlängerung beim FC Barcelona

The superstar demanded a box, a private jet flight and a hefty reward

Documents show why Messi had to leave Barça

It has been over a year since Lionel Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain. However, background noise is still present. The new document is said to show Messi’s dire demands for a contract extension.


August 8, 2021: Messi tearfully announces his departure from Barcelona.

Pictures from Messi’s farewell press conference spread around the world. In tears, the 35-year-old announced his departure from his heart club Barcelona in early August 2021. Reason: The Catalans can no longer afford a superstar. It is now clear: Messi is not entirely innocent of all this.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo published explosive excerpts from the contract negotiations. Messi is said to have demanded 10 million euros for a signature bonus, his own box at the Camp Nou and a private jet flight back home to Argentina. Although Messi was kind and refused a 30 percent salary “in favor of the club”, at the same time he set many other conditions for a contract extension.

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