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Sommerkleid im Herbst kombinieren: So trägst du dein Trend-Piece jetzt

Fashionista Matilda Jerf pairs a matching blazer with a summer dress.

Fashionista Matilda Jerf pairs a matching blazer with a summer dress.



Without freezingThis is how you wear your summer dress in autumn

The time for wearing light summer dresses in our latitudes is short. We’ll show you how to wear this piece even on chilly autumn days.

Only three months – that’s about how long summer lasts and how short the life of light, airy summer clothes is. But even in autumn, your favorite dress will not have to gather dust in the closet. We will tell you three ways how not to freeze in a summer dress even on a chilly autumn morning.

Business with a blazer

Of course, you can just wear any jacket over the dress. But a blazer works best with both short and long dresses, as it elongates the silhouette and instantly adds chic to the look.

For extra warmth around the calves, wear the dress with your favorite boots, as entrepreneur Mathilde Jerf does.

If you are not a fan of boots, then loafers with a dress for autumn are a great solution. Several White socks how Marianne Theodorsen completes the look.

The same principle of loafers, socks and blazers works great with short dresses.

If you catch a cold quickly, grab some sheer pantyhose. You can also keep them in your pocket if it gets warm again at noon. Swiss content creator Saranda Reci opts for stockings over tights. It might be too exciting for the office, but it’s good for a drink or clubbing.

Wrap up in a sweater

Sometimes the simplest styles turn out to be the best: the duet of a summer dress and a sweater is tried out for a reason. Filippa Zorz prefers a monochrome look with high boots.

But a little color doesn’t hurt either. It shouldn’t be the same hot pink Barbicor– be a sweater. Anouk Eve prefers neutral earth tones and wears a classic midi skirt. ballerinas and a cozy oversized sweater.

Autumn is unpredictable, we get cold in the morning and sweat during the day. Therefore, the look of a sweater and a summer dress is practical. If you get too hot, just casually drape the sweater over your shoulders like the influential Cecilia Moosgaard.

Cool and warm with a leather jacket

If you’re struggling with cooler fall temperatures, grab a warm leather jacket. A piece of thick leather breaks the tenderness of a delicate summer dress and creates an elegant yet stylish look. Entrepreneur Hanna Schoenberg shows that it works with high heels too.

For extra warmth, pair your favorite boots with a leather jacket inspired by Danish influencer Sofia Boman.

A leather jacket doesn’t have to be the right fit and can look oversized. We can see that this is also a great look with the powerhouse Annabelle Rosendahl, whose natural tones are a perfect fit for fall.

If you want even more warmth, you can of course combine the two styling techniques. The combination of a summer dress, a pullover and a leather jacket will keep you warm even more.

How to wear a summer dress in autumn?

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